About Pathfinder Mall

Walk with the love of Jesus and share His blessings with others. Pathfinders Mall is a Christian Seventh Day Adventist store that aims for youths to show Jesus’ love with their apparels and accessories while supporting non-profit projects.

With every purchase, you lend a helping hand to another child of Christ.


Pathfinders Mall aims to help clubs raise funds for Chosen: International Pathfinder Camporee AKA Oshkosh Camporee. Browse through our selection of merchandise with the official logo of CHOSEN.



My City My Passion

MCMP is a local mission trip and leadership training for teens and college students. 

An eight days of service, training, inspiration, and fellowship that transform the way youth sees their lives. Students will gain a deeper connection with God and be inspired to be the change in the world.

Kids Kindness Commitment

We have committed to giving 10% of ALL profits to go straight to Kids Kindness. Kids Kindness is a non-profit helping kids and their families in need, providing educational and daily resources that will help them grow in their personal, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial lives. 

Currently they are funding an orphanage in India  and looking to fund more projects like schools in Brazil. K.K. is expanding to more projects headed by young ambitious people.